everyone who works with concrete has their own unique relationship with it. it is sculptural in nature - malleable, and fun to work with. it mimics whatever shape to which it is introduced. when stone can be obdurate and unyielding, concrete says "yes" to every task it is given, and runs fluidly through the forms you have created until the imagination is let loose, and one begins to literally dream about geometric or sensual shapes made of concrete. it's ceramics with less work - as it cures without fire, and develops extra-ordinary strength (roman ruins) and durability. and for this reason, we ask that you re-imagine your sense of a work area, or sink, or bath, or basin, or landscape arch-itecture. corian will always be corian, and you can eliminate any sense of surprise or the "organic" with it. jaws don't drop upon entering a kitchen of corian. but concrete is sometimes shockingly beautiful, like african earth, or the south pacific sea: moody like zinc and copper, and will sometimes reflect back your cooking and dinner party habits via a patina. sealing it is a trade off. we use two approaches: bulletproof - high sheen, lots of kids citrus and stirfry. and matte, which looks more like concrete au naturel. both are very different and worth thinking about. both are beautiful in their own right. there are many sealing methods being emoplyed, however, and as you read this, ardent concretions and chemists are struggling to come up with a sealer that is both bulletproof and matte.ironically, it may be the people at dupont (corian) that are best poised to solve this
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